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Shit, I’m getting sick. My throat feels swollen. Not raw and sore, but swollen and uncomfortable. It’s hard to swallow. I don’t have any tonsils, so it isn’t like my tonsils are inflamed. I’m getting canker sores on my gums and tongue. Not fun.

I’ve been working on images for the web comic that I’m creating as a gift for a very cool person. These photoshop images take a lot longer than people think they would because they’re so simplistic. It’s frustrating, but I love them.

In spite of being told I was stupid for it, I’m still writing my other stuff, including the fan-fictiony stuff. You just can’t keep a stubborn asshole down.

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Sansa by Bubug


Sansa by Bubug

TNR Cats

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Snow Patrol Playlist

We begin this Snow Patrol playlist with Chasing Cars. I like this song. I have no-one to lay with me and just forget the world, except for my cat.

I am feeling really broken right now. And I’ve certainly revealed too much about myself over the last few days to people who just don’t understand.

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Called Out In The Dark

And then, for reasons unknown, I decided to listen to something bright and poppy.

Moments later, I thrust my hand down my throat and ripped out my heart.

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Tell Me You’re Coming Back To Me

A song for those times when you want something back even though you know you’re better off without it.

Sometimes I really hate being (a broken, flawed, mentally sick) human.

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Feelin’ Real Shot Down…

One thing is true about mental illness. When your symptoms flare up, you sure find out who the fuck your friends are.

This is why I don’t open myself up very often. I very quickly learn that other people really, really, really don’t “get it.” 

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by Francesco Bongiorni


Check out Thomas Dolby – Europa and the Pirate Twins via @lastfm


Check out Lene Lovich – Lucky Number via @lastfm